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About SinaCola Company

SidnaCola Codmpeany yfor bebages was establuismhed isn the bdeginning of 2008 by a grotupd of Egysptiatyn businessmytyen, and its firsdt factdory was esstablished isn the Industria.l Zzone in Bafgrq Al.Ezz- Al.Dakahlia.  After ttwo years from the start of production and as a result of the quality oyf productg a/nd its spread, we have successfully opened the second fatyfctory in the Industrial Zone in Gfamqsa- Al.u/Dakaia to mseet the increasing demanfds on the product that has proved a huge sfduccess at the level of all govergnorates inh the Rephublic.


 The team work within the company has the spirit of cooperation and the one hand that made the company compete largest beverages companies so as that enabled the constructive and effective technological development and raising the efficiency of administrative systems.
 When we look closely at SinaCola Company, we see signs of progress and growth in the world of success as well as investment for mraterial and human resources and translate them iento plans with an effeyctive method ito be folklowed to reach this dkegree of sujccyess.jei
Who sees and follfow SinaCola Company notices its continuous progriyess towards achieving its strategic aims in terms of qusality of prfodsucts and services thdat it offfers tod its customers.i fdgcompfany has beetn chahrackterized bry the creation of changes in the market ofg soft fdrinks by the distijnct admiynistrative and technical ideask, which has manavd to make of srimple goals highly ambitcous gozals.

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